Login as a bingo coordinator or a worker, set up events, workers, add workers to events, whatever you like.

Bingo Coordinator Login ID: admin
Password: admin

Worker Login ID: worker
Password: worker

  note: the demo site uses a non-standard port and some corporate firewalls do not allow accessing sites on any port other than 80. This means you may not be able to access the demo site from work but you should have no problem from home. The production site uses the standard port.
Information and Training Videos
  (streaming video)
Overview of (0:03:00)
0:01:45 Event Detail Screen
0:01:33 Worker Detail Screen
0:01:01 Sign-In Sheet
0:01:03 Complete a Bingo
0:01:56 Login, add a sub worker
0:01:06 See what events you are working
0:02:08 How to sign-up for a bingo


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